Cycling tours

The islands around the Baltic Sea coast are excellent for cycling and offer a broad range
of national, regional, and local routes to follow.


Route 9 from North to South is part of the Copenhagen-Berlin track linked by the ferry route

Gedser-Rostock. Route 8 is part of the Baltic Sea route – Denmark’s longest national cycling route, stretching from Jutland, Funen, Lolland and further across from Falster to Møn and Seeland.

When taking the Sound Route you follow the coast of Guldborg Sound, and to explore Falster further, you can follow the signage of the 128 km long route Falster Round

Parts of the Monks Way also runs on Falster, namely from Nykøbing to the Storstrøm Bridge (see more details under Lolland).

On Falster and the Eastern part of Lolland, you can also follow a lovely network of cycling routes under the joint name of Cykelblomsten



The Baltic Sea Route No. 8 has a long stretch along the dike on the Southern coast of Lolland. National route No. 7 starts at Rødbyhavn and goes northwards along the Rail Trail (Jernbanestien) to Maribo and via Guldborg to Southern Seeland.

Another route starting in Rødbyhavn is the Monks Way By following this you will pass places that bare witness to the Christian heritage of Denmark.

By the town Maribo you will find several scenic routes along the lakes there and the Paradise Route, appropriately marked by an apple, revolves around the harbour town Nysted.

In the Western part of Lolland you can bicycle along different routes along the Nakskov Fjord and northwards.


Last but not least, Lolland and Falster have various thematic routes which can be found on the App Naturlandet. At the tourist offices, you can buy printed cycling maps of these routes with suggestions of places to visit on the way.


southern seeland

National route 7 runs through the landscape between Næstved and Vordingborg, where you pass the Dybsø Fjord and the castle Gavnø with a beautiful park.

The popular and scenic route (No. 54) runs from Næstved to Præstø approx. 30 km along the shore of Præstø fjord and through the forest at Bækkeskov Manor. Everdrup church in Romansque style has beautiful fresques.

From Præstø to Vordingborg you follow route No. 56, approx. 16 km, and here you pass several woodland areas.

From Vordingborg towards Ore Forest you can take Route 55 eastwards. This route follows the old rail track, now known as Bakkebøllestien. The steam train ran here from from 1897 to 1959.

At Kalvehave you can cross the scenic Queen Alexandrine’s Bridge to the island of Møn. Here you can make use of several cycling routes from the main town Stege, to the village of Nyord and the spectacular White Cliffs. From Møn you can continue to Falster via the small island Bogø and the ferry to Stubbekøbing. Remember to check the sailing schedule first!